"Hey, You!"

Yes, I'm talking to you, there. The homesteader reading this, who is excited about raising their own goats, and who wants to learn more about them.


"What's that, you say?"

You're afraid of your goats getting sick or dying, because you made a mistake? (sounds familiar)

Oh, and you tried asking questions in a Facebook goat group you joined, and some "experts" there bit your head off and made you feel stupid? (been there, done that)

And let me guess - you've tried "Googling" to learn about goats and found a bunch of stuff you know is just "dead wrong", and published by people who probably haven't seen a real goat in their entire life? (not a surprise)


"Wait! Don't Give Up!"

There's still hope. You CAN learn how to raise happy, healthy goats so you can do all of those amazing things you dreamed about like...

...enjoying them as pets,

...or producing your own goat milk, soap, cheese, cashmere, meat and other amazing stuff,

...or breeding goats and entering goat shows for competition and awards (not to mention meeting other goat families),

...or producing baby goats and selling them (and keeping a few of the really cute ones for yourself),

...or raising Brush Goats, like little lawnmowers who can trim down your field of weeds and brush that's getting out of control,

...or about 100 other amazing things goats are good for which are too many to list here.


"I know what you're going to say..."

"But, there's no one around that I can trust to help me with all of this."

"Well, you're wrong. And let me show you why..."


Welcome to The GoatFarmers Experience


Are you anxious to add goats to your homestead or farm?

Have you been reading about all of the things that can go wrong and it's got you worried because you don't want goats getting sick or dying because of your mistakes?

Have you noticed how lots of "experts" contradict each other? And have you noticed that a lot of goat information online is just flat wrong?

Are you afraid to ask goat questions in a Facebook goat group because it seems like there are always a few know-it-all "experts" there who bite your head off and make you feel stupid for trying to learn?

Do you wish you could find some real people nearby who raise goats and can help you out?


We have a proven step-by-step process, taught by real people you can trust, in a private, safe place online, so you can confidently raise goats right, get results and have fun.


This happens in our community where you'll meet others like yourself, ask questions, share experiences and learn from experienced mentors.


Lots of families have gotten started successfully raising goats with our help, and you can, too!


- We'll see you on the inside!

- Rebecca & Steve

 Who Are Rebecca and Steve? 

Our Story

Rebecca and Steve here, with GoatFarmers.com.


Years ago, when we first got started with goats, we really didn't know what we were doing.

We just knew that goats were really incredible, relatable animals, and they provided a lot of benefits for homesteading and self-sufficiency.

 We bought our first two goats by doing it the completely wrong way.


 In the coming months and years, we had a lot to learn about goats.

But we ran into some big obstacles in the process.

When we tried to research goat information online, we found out that everybody seemed to be giving out conflicting information all over the place.

Even people who we thought were experienced goat keepers with lots of knowledge would argue with each other about what is best.

And many top articles and resources at the top of Google rankings turned out many times to be fake, and completely wrong.

To top it all off, when we tried to ask questions on Facebook, some goat people there criticized us and made us feel stupid for asking simple questions, just because we weren't "experts" like they were.


We Connected With Other Goat Keepers

Over time, we found that the best approach was to just meet other goat keepers in person who were reputable and knew what they were doing.

We joined up with a community of people we know and trust, and we all exchange information and help each other with our goats.


Helping Others

As our herd grew, we sold our extra baby goats from time to time, sometimes to people just getting started with goats.

Because of this, we ended up having to help lots of people get started with goats for the first time.

Many times when we sold goats, we even drove over to the buyer's place to help them make sure they had everything set up properly.

After all, when you raise animals, and get attached to them, you want to make sure they're going to a good home.


Under the circumstances, we found ourselves helping people and answering their questions more and more.

And many of the questions were the same each time.

So, that's when we decided to start GoatFarmers.com, where we can provide information to help new goat keepers who are just getting started.


But, there seemed to be something missing.

We felt like we needed to offer new goat keepers a place where they could come to meet up with other goat keepers and mentors to share and learn in a trusted community like we had developed for ourselves over the years. We needed a place where newcomers could safely ask "dumb" questions (like we did) without being criticized and made to feel stupid. 

That's why we started The GoatFarmers Experience.

 If you are learning how to raise your own goats, and you'd like to become part of a community of people raising their goats and learning together, we would be happy for you to join us.

Start your own goat journey now!


What Is The GoatFarmers Experience?


Benefits of Membership


The GoatFarmers Community forum

In the GoatFarmers Community you can introduce yourself, share pictures of your goats, meet other members, ask questions, learn new things, share experiences and celebrate each other's successes and plans.

You can ask questions in the Community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And we (Rebecca and Steve) are in the community with you. Ourselves, and other members and mentors there, are available to answer questions and share tips and information.


Training and Resources


As part of your membership, you will have 100% access to everything.

This includes our flagship course on raising goats, called "Raising Goats The Smart Way", which is part of your membership, along with all of the other courses, workshops, downloadable resources, community forum, private Facebook group and other benefits.

 After completing the course, you'll be guided along your own personal "Success Path" to help you achieve specific goals you choose to pursue with your new goats, whether you choose to focus on dairy goats, fiber goats, meat goats, brush goats, pet goats or other specialties.

In our Resources section, you will find new resources being added each month which you can download to help you with your goats, like checklists, procedures and forms.

New materials, live sessions, community discussions and resources will continue to be added to the membership area monthly, and are all included in your membership.


You Will Learn How To ...

  • Get ready before you get goats for the first time;
  • Prepare your farm to receive goats;
  • Bring home goats and get them adjusted to their new home;
  • Care for goats, including feeding/watering, hoof care and routine maintenance;
  • Manage health care, disease testing and prevention, symptoms and treatment;
  • Handle breeding, pregnancy and kidding;
  • Manage dairy production, milking, cheese making, soap making and more;
  • Succeed at special goat pursuits like showing goats, fiber craft, meat production, brush clearing, pack goats and more.


Monthly Q&A Sessions

Twice per month we host a live session for members. During each live session we may hold a Q&A to answer member questions, present a new Premiere video, interview an expert or member and add a few surprises along the way as well.


Connect With Real People and Get Results!


Ready To Get Started?



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What Happens When You Join Today?


First of all, you will have ZERO risk with your 30-day free trial. You can see and test everything for 30 days, and then cancel easily if you want, without paying a penny. But, once you get involved, you'll love it and you'll want to stay.

As soon as you sign-up, you'll receive a password to enter The GoatFarmers Experience to start looking around and testing things.

When you first enter The GoatFarmers Experience, you'll have the chance to set up your profile, join our community, introduce yourself and begin joining discussions in the community area with others who are also just getting started with goats.

In fact, we have a "Getting Started" section at the beginning of the course that will walk you through step-by-step with video tutorials to show you how to do everything.

Then, once you're all setup you can either follow the step-by-step "Success Path" we have for you (recommended), as you make progress toward becoming a confident, skilled goat keeper, OR if you're the kind of person who likes to go off-the-path and just explore around and learn different things in no particular order, you can do that also.

Whichever learning method you prefer, you will have full access to our step-by-step flagship course (Raising Goats the Smart Way), focused workshops, resources, forum (The GoatFarmers Community), live events and more. New things are added each month and are all included in your membership at no additional cost.


You'll Talk to Others in The GoatFarmers Community (forum)


While you're getting started and learning from the lessons and workshops, you will also have instant access to The GoatFarmers Community (forum) where you can talk to other members and mentors and ask questions and exchange comments, pictures and videos at any time. You'll get a chance to meet Rebecca and Steve there, and ask them questions while you're working through various lessons.


Workshops and Resources


At all times, you'll have 24/7 to the various workshops and downloadable resources that we add to the member area monthly.

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What People Say About Us


Cynthia S. - "Thank you for your service and generosity to share your experience and wisdom! So thankful for you guys!! Wow! This is fantastic! Both the prompt, thorough service and this helpful resource! Thank you so very much! Bless you"


Julie D. - "I love the site! What a great setup. I'm excited to be a new member. I am really impressed with the site navigation and your configuration. It is very easy to jump around or go step-by-step. I feel your site is going to become a premier resource for us goat people. Looking forward to continuing on the journey. Thank you!"

Marcario D. - "Hello, Thanks for your information. I'm just starting my goat raising so I just searched proper diet to keep my goats healthy and to produce good milk. Thank you for your responses. We appreciate it!"


Tammy S. - "Love the videos and find them very helpful especially with pictures."


Kim H. - "I love these. Thank you. I am a Dairy Goat 4H leader and these will come
in handy as handouts to my new kids this year."


Richele D. - "Thank you so much for your recommendation!"


Sherry C. - "Thanks so much for this information!"


Eleslie P. - "Signed up, signed in, looked around, made 2 posts and commented a few times. Loving it all so far"


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