Learn How to Raise Your Own Goats

We help you get started. Join our goat community, learn from a variety of mentors and share with others who are learning, too. Become self-sufficient. Produce your own milk, cheese, soap, dairy products, bath products, meat and more. Or just enjoy goats as pets. We love these amazing, entertaining and friendly creatures and you will, too.


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Getting Started With Goats

If you don't have goats yet, or you have just recently started raising your own goats, these articles will help. We cover all of the basics, like choosing a breed, fencing, shelter, feeding, health care, breeding, kidding, milking and more. Sign up for our weekly training emails so you can ask questions and get answers from experienced goat keepers.


Goat Breeds

By studying these articles, you will get a clear understanding of the best goat breeds for different purposes, and which goat breed may be ideal for you. Pictures of each goat breed are included. 


Goat Fencing

Afraid to get goats because they might escape and run off, due to a lack of proper goat fencing? Or maybe you have goats and it’s a constant fight to keep them in the pasture?

These articles will help you determine the best way to provide secure fencing for your goats that will keep the goats in and keep the predators out.


Goat Shelters

When you start raising goats for the first time on your small farm, homestead. or backyard, a goat shelter is a necessity, especially a cheap easy goat shelter. Even though goats are equipped to live outdoors, they still need protection from rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures. These articles can help you plan and build shelters that will be ideal for your goats.


Goat Equipment and Supplies

As you prepare your place so you can start raising goats, you're probably concerned about what equipment and supplies you'll need, and how to keep costs down. These articles can help.


Feeding Goats

Goats don't eat just anything. And, no, they don't eat tin cans. These articles will help you understand how their digestive system works, how they eat, what works best and how to save money on feed costs.


Goat Health Care

These articles will help you select a goat veterinarian and identify and treat some of the most common goat diseases and health care problems. Learn about preventative measures you can take to keep your goats healthy, and what healthcare supplies and procedures will be needed for your goats on a regular basis.


Goat Breeding

Without a smart goat breeding strategy, things can go horribly wrong.

On the other hand, with a proper goat breeding strategy in place, you can reap the awesome benefits of a healthy, happy and more valuable herd of goats. Goat breeding is a subject you definitely need to understand if you’re new to raising goats. These articles will help.


Goat Kidding

In goat kidding, it can be scary when a little goat’s life depends on your momentary decision. That’s why it’s important to prepare for goat kidding in advance. Know what to expect.  When you’re confident and prepared to help your goat give birth, you can relax and enjoy these moments. Even if you’re experiencing goat kidding for the first time, these article can help you learn how to be a confident, prepared goat keeper.


Dairy Goats

Dairy goats are raised on farms and homesteads around the world for their rich, sweet milk and friendly personalities. These articles will help you explore the basics of raising dairy goats for milk and all the benefits that come with it.


Meat Goats

Are you interested in creating a self-sufficient source of meat for your family and a profitable source of income to your small farm or homestead? A great opportunity to consider is raising goats for meat. These articles help you learn the different meat goat breeds and how to raise your own meat goats.


Showing Goats

If you’ve got a desire to get involved in raising goats for showing at goat shows and state fairs, there’s plenty of opportunity to win some awards and make some money while making new friends and having a lot of fun at the same time. You may want to consider breeding show goats and selling them to others who want to show them. Or you may also want to get involved in showing goats yourself. Either way, these articles can help you learn some of the basics you’ll need to be familiar with to get off to a great start.


Making Money With Goats

There are several proven ways to make money when raising goats. These articles will go into detail on how you can earn a profit under each of the different goat money-making alternatives.


Brush Goats

Goats are amazing when it comes to clearing overgrown brush from your land and saving on feed costs at the same time. They’re also great for starting your own money-making business renting your goats out to others for brush control. There are plenty of other landowners who are anxious to clear brush and weeds from their property and pastures, and they’re happy to rent your goats for the job. In these articles you'll learn what it takes to start your own brush goat herd.


Fiber Goats

Fiber goats can be the basis of a profitable business, as well as an amazing hobby or art form. Why are fiber goats so special? Well, you may be surprised to know that some of the most sought-after fibers on the planet, cashmere and mohair, come from fiber goats. If you’re anxious to learn how you can get into your own profitable fiber goat business, or you are a hobbyist/artist who would love to grow and create your own cashmere and mohair for home spinning and creativity with these amazing fibers, these articles will help.


Working Goats

Working goats are simply goats that are trained to do work, and goats are amazingly helpful in all kinds of jobs. A working goat can pull a wagon or cart, or haul your gear on a hunting or camping trip through rugged terrain, and can be cheaper to feed and easier to train and care for than some other beasts of burden. No matter what type of working goat you may be interested in, the details in these articles will help you get started with your own working goats.


Learn How to Raise Your Own Goats

We help you get started. Join our goat community and share with others who are learning, too. Become self-sufficient. Produce your own milk, cheese, soap, dairy products, bath products, meat and more. Or just enjoy goats as pets. We love these amazing, entertaining and friendly creatures and you will, too.


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