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Our Story


Rebecca and Steve here, with

Can we share something a little personal with you?
(and after that, a special announcement)

We LOVE helping our visitors and subscribers who are new goat owners (aka goat keepers), or who may be thinking about getting goats for the first time.

After all, we were new goat keepers ourselves a number of years ago.


Years ago, when we first got started with goats, we really didn't know what we were doing at first.

We just knew that goats were really incredible, relatable animals, and they provided a lot of benefits for homesteading and self-sufficiency.


Our First Two Goats

We bought our first two goats by doing it the completely wrong way.

We wouldn't advise you to do this.


We were actually on the way back in our pickup truck from a vacation road trip, and we noticed two Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale at a good price on Craigslist in the town where we happened to be driving through.

(Remember - never do this. We were ignorant about goats at the time.)


We called the owner from our truck, going down the highway, and made arrangements.

We didn't know how we would transport the goats, so we pulled over at a Target and bought a large dog crate and a tarp.

Luckily, it all worked out, we got the goats home safely, and we were fortunate to buy them from a reputable seller, so they were healthy and disease-free.


Ran Into Trouble


Now, the part I'm leading up to...

In the coming months and years, we had a lot to learn about goats.

But we ran into some big obstacles in the process.

When we tried to research goat information online, we found out that everybody seemed to be giving out conflicting information all over the place.

Even people who we thought were experienced goat keepers with lots of knowledge would argue with each other about what is best.

And many top articles and resources at the top of Google rankings turned out many times to be fake, and completely wrong.


We Connected With Other Goat Keepers


Over time, we found that the best approach was to just meet other goat keepers in person who were reputable and knew what they were doing.

We joined up with a community of people we know and trust, and we all exchange information and help each other with our goats.


Helping Others


As our herd grew, we sold our extra baby goats from time to time, sometimes to people just getting started with goats.

Because of this, we ended up having to help lots of people get started with goats for the first time.

Many times when we sold goats, we even drove over to the buyer's place to help them make sure they had everything set up properly.

After all, when you raise animals, and get attached to them, you want to make sure they're going to a good home.


Under the circumstances, we found ourselves helping people and answering their questions more and more.

And many of the questions were the same each time.

So, that's when we decided to start, where we can provide information to help new goat keepers who are just getting started.


Starting an Online Community


But, there seemed to be something missing.

We felt like we needed to offer new goat keepers a place where they could come to meet up with other goat keepers to share and learn in a trusted community like we had developed for ourselves over the years.

That's why we added The GoatFarmers Experience.


If you are learning how to raise your own goats, and you'd like to become part of a community of people raising their goats and learning together, we would be happy for you to join us.


The Announcement


So, now comes the announcement we mentioned...

We're opening a private member area of that provides exactly what we wish we had years ago - a place where new goat owners can gather with others throughout each month and learn about goats from real people who can help.

We call the new membership site "The GoatFarmers Experience".




It's a place where you can experience transformation from being a "newbie" to becoming a confident, successful goat keeper who then helps others do the same.

We'll be launching it soon to the general public and we can't wait to get started!

But, in the meantime, we're inviting a limited number of people to join now at a reduced price so they can start peeking inside as The GoatFarmers Experience is under construction.


You're Invited !

So, if you're a new (or soon to be) goat owner who wants to become a confident, fully-educated and experienced goat keeper with a community of fellow goat keepers to fall back on when you need help, we'd like to invite you to join us on this journey and become a "Founding Member" of The GoatFarmers Experience.

We're opening up a limited number of "Founding Member" spots in The GoatFarmers Experience, for a 30-day free trial, following by a monthly payment after that of only $19 per month, which you can cancel any time, no-questions-asked, so there's no risk.

When we open The GoatFarmers Experience up to the rest of the public soon the price will be higher, and subject to increases after that as the membership grows.

But if you're one of our "Founding Members", you'll continue to have access to all current and future added courses, workshops, workbooks, resources, content and activities in The GoatFarmers Experience for your monthly payment locked-in at $19 per month as long as you remain a member.

Again, you can cancel any time.

This means that you'll get to be a member, as long as you keep paying your Founding Member fee, without ever paying the higher monthly fee and increases like everyone else.

Why are we offering this?

The lower monthly fee paid by our Founding Members will help us offset some of the start-up costs, and you'll get to play a part in helping make it happen.

It also benefits us to have a small core group of people who are already our visitors and subscribers, and who are willing to give us feedback as we build The GoatFarmers Experience.


But here's the catch…

The doors to this offer are only open temporarily, and then they will close.

That's because we're looking for a limited number of people to be our "Founding Members".

Also, we're on a tight schedule and certain things must happen quickly so we can make sure The GoatFarmers Experience opens on time for the general public.

You'll need to reply to this offer and reserve your spot as a Founding Member before this offer is discontinued.

After that, we are closing the door on this Founding Member offer.

All future public members will have to pay the higher monthly fee and increases after this.

We will be opening the doors to The GoatFarmers Experience for the general public in the near future.

Between now and then, if you're one of our Founding Members, you'll be given access to The GoatFarmers Experience which is still under construction and in "Beta" mode.


What To Expect Inside The GoatFarmers Experience

As soon as you sign-up, you'll receive a password to enter The GoatFarmers Experience to start looking around and testing things.

When you first enter The GoatFarmers Experience, you'll have the chance to set up your profile, join our community, introduce yourself and begin joining discussions in the community area with others who are also just getting started with goats.

Then, we will walk through our flagship course together inside The GoatFarmers Experience, as we teach each lesson through different live broadcasts each month. 

The course is called "Raising Goats The Smart Way", and is included in your membership, along with all of the other courses, workshops, downloadable resources, community forum, private Facebook group and other benefits.


If you miss any live sections, don't worry.

You will always have 24/7 access to video recordings and transcripts of each section of the course that you can access any time you want as long as you're a member.

By the way, everything mentioned above is all included in your monthly membership fee.

There are no additional charges for any of it.

In addition to the course, you will be guided along your own personal "Success Path" to help you achieve goals you choose to pursue with your new goats.

New materials, live sessions, community discussions and resources will continue to be added to the membership area monthly, and are all included in your monthly fee, locked in at the Founding Member price.

Prior to the public opening, we'll communicate with our Founding Members on a weekly basis, asking for your input and offering updates and behind-the-scenes peeks into the implementation.

Your input will actually help guide our creation of the content inside The GoatFarmers Experience, including video courses, workshops, live Q&A, guest speakers, etc. with new content added each month on a regular on-going basis.


While The GoatFarmers Experience is under construction, we even plan to offer some free, surprise bonuses along the way as a "Thank You" to each of our Founding Members.

Remember, The GoatFarmers Experience will still be a work-in-progress and under construction when our Founding Members start to peek inside it, and will not be fully available to the public until later.


30 Day Free Trial

Many online goat courses (without the community or live events) often cost between $100 to $200 just for one course.

If you add up our flagship course, plus the new lessons, courses, workshops and new things added each month, you'd spend hundreds of dollars over time in other places to get the same experience somewhere else.

But if you sign up before the Founding Member offer is discontinued, you can have 24/7 access to everything inside The GoatFarmers Experience for a fraction of that.

You can become a Founding Member today at no risk with a 30-day free trial, following by a monthly payment after that of only $19 per month, which you can cancel any time, no-questions-asked.

If you'd like to join us in this journey before this offer is discontinued, just click below to get started





What People Say About Us

Cynthia S. - "Thank you for your service and generosity to share your experience and wisdom! So thankful for you guys!! Wow! This is fantastic! Both the prompt, thorough service and this helpful resource! Thank you so very much! Bless you"


Marcario D. - "Hello, Thanks for your information. I'm just starting my goat raising so I just searched proper diet to keep my goats healthy and to produce good milk. Thank you for your responses. We appreciate it!"


Richele D. - "Thank you so much for your recommendation!"


Sherry C. - "Thanks so much for this information!"


Eleslie P. - "Signed up, signed in, looked around, made 2 posts and commented a few times. Loving it all so far"






Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I pay for goat information when there's plenty of free information online?


A: This is a great question! Yes, there's plenty of free information online. But, that's the problem!


When we got started with goats, it felt like we were DROWNING in free information.

But we found that one "expert" would provide advice, and another "expert" would give us advice that CONFLICTED WITH THE FIRST EXPERT!

It was soooo frustrating. Who do you trust?

Also, it took hours to sift through all of the scattered information to find what we needed.

It would have been so nice if someone had put all of the necessary information in one place and in logical order so we could quickly find something when we needed it.


In The GoatFarmers Experience, we have done that.

For a small monthly fee, you have non-stop access to a place where you are introduced to the experts so you know you can trust what you're learning.

Everything is organized in a step-by-step order, available 24/7 whenever you need it.

You can even "Search" for what you need at any given moment to go straight to the information that's important to you now.


But, the best part is that your membership includes access to real people.

You can ask questions, compare notes and attend live Q&A sessions with experienced goat keepers who can advise you.

When you weigh it all together, the value you get as a member greatly outweighs the small cost, especially when you compare to how much you spend on coffee, drinks, food, entertainment, etc.

When you pay for The GoatFarmers Experience, the savings you'll experience in avoiding the wasted time and money spent on mistakes with your goats is priceless!


Q: How do I know I can trust the information you'll be teaching me?


A: Another great question!


We ourselves have seen many articles online with goat information that are at the top of Google rankings, and that provide information about goats that we know is just FLAT WRONG (and sometimes dangerous)!

Even when you get information through social media from people who have raised goats for years, one person says one thing, and another person says the opposite.

That's why, in The GoatFarmers Eperience, we teach a 3-step process we call, "Raising Goats the Smart Way."


The basic steps are...

(1) Question everything and everyone. Don't just rely on one source for your information (not even just us);

(2) Learn the "Why" behind the advice someone is giving you. Don't just accept what they say. Understand the reason it's true, including any science or references behind their advice, and

(3) with that knowledge, YOU can become the best "expert" on your own goats. No other person will ever know your goats the way you know them.


If you practice these 3 steps, you'll be Raising Goats the Smart Way. This is how we help you trust what you are learning and know that it's true.


Q: What if I just don't like what I find inside The GoatFarmers Experience?


A: We are here for the same reason you are.


We didn't start this community as a sales gimmick to make a fast buck.

We started off learning about our own goats.

Then, we began sharing what we learned with others. We have done this for years with no cost involved.


But we've realized that it takes money to build a place where we can all join together and learn about goats, share with each other and grow in our skill as we raise our goats together.

We think you'll love being a part of this.

At the same time, if someone feels it isn't right for them and they want to cancel, we want them to be free to do that.

Everyone is different and maybe this experience isn't a fit for them.

No hard feelings. We want each person to do what's best for them.


Also, we don't want anyone to let a small fee hold them back from trying us out. So, we've made it no-risk.

Unlike some courses that want you to pay a huge up-front price, we are just pay-as-you-go at a small monthly fee.

At any time, if you decide our community isn't a fit for you, you can easily cancel with no obligation and you don't have to give any reason.

We will immediately stop your membership and no further fees will be charged. Also, there is no fee for canceling.






Thank You !

We are thankful for your support, and we can't wait to have you as a Founding Member in this journey with us.

See you on the inside!

~Rebecca and Steve~

P.S. - Any Questions?
Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions you may have.