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Hi, we're Rebecca and Steve of CapriNew Farm, nestled in the farmland of beautiful Gilbert, South Carolina. We're your hosts here at GoatFarmers.com where we help you learn to raise your own goats.




Here you can find plenty of information, sharing, encouragement and support as you get started with goats.


Raising Goats "The Smart Way"


There is plenty of information across the Internet about goats, but so much of it is contradictory and you never know who to trust.

We ran into that when we got our first goats and started trying to learn about them.

That's why we've created GoatFarmers.com. Here, we believe in "Raising Goats the Smart Way".


Raising Goats The Smart Way means...

  1. Don't just listen to one person (not even us). Get advice from many sources.
  2. When you receive advice, ask "Why". Seek to understand why someone is recommending a certain action. Don't just follow advice blindly. Become an educated goat farmer.
  3. Apply your understanding to your own goats. YOU alone are in the best position to understand their particular needs. If someone else tries to tell you what to do, remember that their goats are different and are in another location where circumstances aren't the same, such as soil, water, resources, etc. Only you can determine what is best for your particular goats where they are located and under the circumstances that exist there.


That's what we mean when we say, "Raising Goats the Smart Way.'


Why Goats?


Goats are fascinating, friendly creatures who not only entertain us and make good pets - they also provide amazing benefits. They allow us to be self-sufficient, producing naturally-homogenized milk, cheese, yogurt, soap, meat and other products.

Goats can also provide serious hobby and business opportunities through breeding, showing and sales. GoatFarmers.com is a diverse resource to help you get started raising your own goats.

Here you can learn from others who have been through mistakes and success, and are willing to share it with you. There will also be opportunities for you, too, to get engaged in our community of members and share your own experiences along the way.

You will find there are people who would love to learn from you.




 Thinking about getting your first goats? It feels like a big step. We were there at one point, so we know how that feels.

Here at GoatFarmers.com you can learn from others who are a few steps ahead of you and who are not afraid to share their mistakes and successes, so you know what to watch out for.

At GoatFarmers.com, we specialize in helping people who are new to goats. We focus on helping you learn the basics about goats, and we avoid hitting you with advanced training that you can't really relate to.

You can start out with our free materials that help you learn the basics quickly in subjects like getting ready for goats, fencing, shelter, food and basic healthcare.

Then, when you feel ready, you may want to explore some of our paid options that can take you into deeper subjects where you work directly with us and others, and we actually help you put your learning into action.


Who We Are

(Our Personal Goat Farm Story)

Rebecca and Steve


We started our experience with goats several years back when we were living in Manassas, VA. We had been interested in getting some goats, and when we were returning home from a vacation road trip we stopped and picked up a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats we had seen for sale online.

Here's a picture of our first two goats when we got back home.




 We were newbies with no experience. But we soon learned that there were lots of people out there who were happy to help us, and provided a wealth of information from their own experiences, successes and failures in raising goats.

Since then, we developed a herd (CapriNew Farm) which has expanded over the years. Also, we moved to South Carolina where we were able to acquire some more acreage and expand our herd.

We added a few livestock guardian dogs to protect against coyotes and other predators in the area. With help from others, we've seen increasing milk production, sales of new kids and have even won a few show awards along the way.




People have been such a great help throughout our journey so far, and a pleasant, unexpected side benefit has been the friends and fun we've experienced with others who are passionate about raising goats like we are.

We wanted to create a place online where people can share what they are learning step-by-step, whether they are just getting started with goats, or have their own goats already and want to learn more.


Join Us!


We would love to have you join our community here at GoatFarmers.com as we learn together how to have fun, provide for our families and enjoy the awesome benefits we experience from raising our own goats.





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