Goat Anti Mating Apron: Birth Control for Your Buck

breeding Nov 19, 2019

Introduction - Goat Anti-Mating Apron


If you think about it, male and female goats were meant to be together, right? Isn't that how a natural herd should be? That's not a problem with a goat anti-mating apron.

Are you having to keep your bucks and does separated? Do you ever feel it's unnatural and stressful for your goats and their families? But you have to avoid unwanted or uncontrolled breeding, right?

There's a solution! Lots of goat keepers use goat anti-mating aprons as birth control for their bucks. This allows you to keep your bucks and does together.

At the same time, you stop them from breeding until you're ready for it to happen. There's another great side benefit of a goat anti-mating apron.  It prevents the nasty habit a buck goat has of peeing on his own face, mouth and legs. That causes staining and urine scald.

Never heard of a goat anti-mating apron (aka a buck apron)? That's okay.

By reading this guide, you'll learn what it is, why/how to use one and...

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Goat Breeding 101: Beginners Guide to Breeding Season

breeding Oct 15, 2019

Introduction: Why You Need a Goat Breeding Strategy

Without a smart goat breeding strategy, things can go horribly wrong. On the other hand, with a proper goat breeding strategy in place, you can reap the awesome benefits of a healthy, happy and more valuable herd of goats. Goat breeding is a subject you definitely need to understand if you're new to raising goats. In this guide, we're going to cover 11 goat breeding questions that new goat owners ask about the most. Okay, lets jump right into answering those common goat breeding questions and helping you get ready for your goat's breeding season.  


GOAT BREEDING VIDEO - When To Breed Your Goats

Video Credit: MyHomesteadingProject


1. What Breed of Goat is Best?

Proper goat breeding starts with picking the right goats. Beginning with the proper type of goats will save you lots of future headaches. When choosing goats for breeding, your decisions will depend on what your purposes are for your herd. The...

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Goat Kidding: Pro Tips for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth


In goat kidding, it can be scary when a little goat's life depends on your momentary decision. That's why it's important to prepare for goat kidding in advance.

Know what to expect. Prepare to help your goat through pregnancy, labor and birth.

Train yourself to recognize the signs of problems and to know exactly what to do about them. When you're confident and prepared to help your goat give birth, you can relax and enjoy these moments.

Even if you're experiencing goat kidding for the first time, you can learn how to be that confident, prepared person.

Let me show you goat kidding tips the "pros" teach so you can successfully help your own goats through pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.


Prenatal Care

If your mama doe has kidded before, plan to give her about a two-month break before kidding again. This will dry up the doe's milk from any previous kidding by two weeks before any new kids arrive.

A little over a month before kidding give the doe a Selenium/Vitamin E...

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