Working Goats: They Pull a Cart, Carry a Backpack and More

working goats Dec 14, 2019

(Featured Image Credit: Lazarus000)

Introduction - Working Goats

Working goats are simply goats that are trained to do work, and goats are amazingly helpful in all kinds of jobs.

You can use working goats to pull a wagon, or you can drive a cart pulled by a harness goat.

A pack goat can help you haul your gear on a hunting or camping trip through rugged terrain, and can be cheaper to feed and easier to train and care for than some other beasts of burden.

A therapy goat can even act as a service animal to assist people in need, due to a goat's friendly temperament and easy relatability to humans.

No matter what type of working goat you may be interested in, if you study this guide, you will then be able to do the following:

  1. Explain what a Working Goat is and does;Understand basic working goat terminology;
  2. Identify the breeds that make the best working goats;
  3. Describe the basic steps required to train a working goat properly;
  4. Identify the basic equipment needed for a working goat;
  5. ...
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