Fiber Goats: 8 Top Strategies for Breeding, Production & Sales

fiber goats Mar 29, 2020


Fiber goats can be the basis of a profitable business, as well as an amazing hobby or art form.

Why are fiber goats so special? Well, you may be surprised to know that some of the most sought-after fibers on the planet, cashmere and mohair, come from fiber goats.

If you've ever worn (or even touched) a cashmere sweater, you most likely were shocked. The word I hear from most people is "luxurious", usually along with "smooth" or "silky".

No wonder so many people desire it. When it comes to sophistication, it's right up there with diamonds or caviar.

Same thing for mohair, which is another luxurious, sought-after fiber for sweaters, socks and other clothing, not to mention lots of other items we all use every day. It's no wonder that fiber goats are in such high demand.

If you're anxious to learn how you can get into your own profitable fiber goat business, or you are a hobbyist/artist who would love to grow and create your own cashmere and mohair for home spinning and...

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