What's Needed to Raise Goats: 10 Critical Things to Know

Guest Contributor: Lilli Valdez

Inroduction - What's Needed to Raise Goats

So you’ve decided to become a crazy goat person like me – you know, the kind of person who wears T-shirts with slogans like “Relax, I’ve Goat This” and posts countless Instagram shots of their goats doing AWESOME goat things. Ok, well maybe that’s just me... but when it comes to farm animals, goats truly are the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time for those scratching their heads). They’re relatively small, easy to handle, and full of personality. Then again, they are also inquisitive and independent – so there will be some inevitable goat shenanigans! But don’t worry, this startup guide will equip you with some basic knowledge to confidently raise happy, healthy goats.

Choosing a Breed

First, let’s figure out your goals in raising goats. Are you primarily looking for milk, meat, or fiber? Are you in search of a friendly, loveable pet? Or are you looking...

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