5 Easy Steps for Raising Backyard Goats Successfully

getting started Jan 11, 2019

"My backyard is tiny! There's no way I can raise goats." Don't be in such a hurry to rule out backyard goats, even if your place is small. Even if you don’t have a big farm or a lot of acreage, you can still start raising goats in your backyard. In fact, our family got started raising goats years ago with our first two goats which we kept in the backyard behind our house. Later we expanded from there to our current farm, and now we have more acreage and a sizable herd of goats. 


Our First Two Goats in Our Backyard


We had no idea what we were doing at first. So if we can start a successful farm from a small backyard operation, you can easily do it too. These are the first two goats we ever purchased. We found them on Craigslist and picked them up as we were driving back home from a vacation road trip. You can see our old backyard in the background where we kept them, until we moved to our current farm. Our dog, Turner, here is making sure the new goats pass...

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Goat Kidding: Pro Tips for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth


In goat kidding, it can be scary when a little goat's life depends on your momentary decision. That's why it's important to prepare for goat kidding in advance.

Know what to expect. Prepare to help your goat through pregnancy, labor and birth.

Train yourself to recognize the signs of problems and to know exactly what to do about them. When you're confident and prepared to help your goat give birth, you can relax and enjoy these moments.

Even if you're experiencing goat kidding for the first time, you can learn how to be that confident, prepared person.

Let me show you goat kidding tips the "pros" teach so you can successfully help your own goats through pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.


Prenatal Care

If your mama doe has kidded before, plan to give her about a two-month break before kidding again. This will dry up the doe's milk from any previous kidding by two weeks before any new kids arrive.

A little over a month before kidding give the doe a Selenium/Vitamin E...

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Raising Goats for Profit: 7 Proven Ways to Make Money


Goats will make you go broke. Or goats will make you a good profit.

Which will it be? It's up to you.

Successful goat farmers have learned to focus on 7 proven ways to make money with goats.


Find a Profit Niche

Not all goats are the same, and there are multiple directions you can take when raising goats for profit. You've heard the phrase, "Jack of all trades; master of none?"

Well that applies to raising goats, too. To be successful and profitable, you will want to focus on one particular type of goat business and stick to it.

Otherwise, you will get stretched too thin, and will never do really well at any of it.

There are 7 proven ways to make money which you can choose from when raising goats for profit.

I'll touch on each of those briefly, and then go into more detail below on how you can make money in each of these categories.


dairy goat with full udder

1. Dairy Goats

When you raise dairy goats it can get very involved and can provide a number of different streams of income. But it...
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15 Best Breeds of Goats for Milk, Meat and More

goat breeds Sep 09, 2018


Come on, admit it! All the goat breeds are confusing, right? You want some goats. But there are so many different types. How do you choose?

The process of selecting a breed of goat may seem like a daunting task, and that is not a surprise because there are over 200 unique breeds of goats around the globe!

Some goat breeds are not so common, and some are.

For simplicity, I’ll walk you through the different breeds of goats and typical functions of goats that are most popular with today’s goat farmer and hobbyist. After we get done here, you should have a clear understanding of the best breeds for different purposes, and which breed may be ideal for you.

In this article I'm going to show you the 15 Best Breeds of Goats for Milk, Meat, Pets and More.  


Choosing the Right Goat Breed

Let’s talk about the "why" - why you want to purchase goats.

Now, you may have noticed that I said "goats" – in plural, not “a” goat. Goats are...

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